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Happy New Year!  This year the College Hill Partnership is working to be more efficient.  You could say it’s the CHP’s Nsocial house college hill cedar fallsew Year’s Resolution.  With that in mind, the Board passed a resolution at our October Board Meeting to ensure the membership application process is streamlined & open for a longer period of time to encourage increased participation in the College Hill Partnership.


There are many benefits to being a CHP member including the following:

  • Vote for board members and any changes made to bylaws in the upcoming election
  • Free food at the annual meeting
  • All formal communication includes: updates, minutes, agendas, meeting reminders
  • Opportunity to participate in the College Hill Neighborhood, and projects that better our community
  • The satisfaction you are making the Hill a better place


To obtain all the privileges above you must:

  • Request an application via email and mail or email completed application to:

PO Box 974

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613


complete an application online HERE prior to March 1, 2019


  • Submit dues by mail or online (amount of $25) prior to March 1, 2019

To ensure a smooth process and encourage participation the CHP Board also passed a resolution at the November Board Meeting, allowing two possible ways to have your membership dues waived.  Each person who qualifies for the waiver program has been notified by email.  If you do not receive an email notifying you of your qualification for a waiver and you believe you qualify for one please submit a request for waiver via email to


The waiver opportunities are listed below:

  • During CHP’s calendar year (May 2018 to March 2019) you have volunteered for CHP events, or committees totaling over five hours. College Hill Partnership Monthly and Annual Board meetings do not qualify towards these hours.
  • You own property in the College Hill Overlay SSMID district and pay taxes into the SSMID fund that helps support the College Hill Partnership.


If you qualify for the wavier opportunities you will receive one membership which is non-transferable.  An application must be submitted by the deadline (March 1, 2019) for you to obtain all privileges listed above.  If you are submitting an application with a waiver due to completing volunteer hours, a record of volunteer hours (dates, times, description) must be provided with the application.


We encourage you to share this email with members of the community who might like to be a part of our wonderful organization.  If there are any questions about the application process please reach out to Kathryn Sogard either by phone (319)-830-6338 or email



Again,  Happy New Year to you and yours!

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