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Promotions Committee: responsible for communications, branding and marketing of organization and events. If a district is to survive, its image must be improved. Promoting and marketing a district can attract customers and investors and increase district and community economic viability. CHP programs work to market the district and community through a series of aggressive, targeted activities. Such activities include special events and festivals, events designed to boost investment into the community, retail sales, cooperative advertising, and coordinated marketing for the entire district.

Design and Neighborhood Services: The committee’s responsibilities are two pronged:

  1. Design: The committee is responsible for the physical appearance of the district and sets that area apart from any other community. The design also plays an important role in stakeholders’ and visitors perception of the district and desire to do live, work, create and play there. A physically attractive business and residential district is more appealing to shoppers, residents, visitors, and potential investors. The design philosophy involves improving the appearance of all physical things in the business and residential district, including buildings, signs, window displays, and public improvements. The desired outcome would have green and eco-friendly incorporated into the plans.
  2. Neighborhood Services: The committee is responsible for creating a culture of care and belonging to the district between all stakeholders. Planning social events or “care” initiatives to bring together stakeholders and key-groups may include picnics, Hill clean-up and tree lighting. This committee would be a venue to ensure inclusiveness of residents, landlords, business owners and our partner institutions—UNI and the city of Cedar Falls.

Business Improvement Committee: responsible for addressing the economic climate of a business District and its city and investor relations. This committee is critical to successful revitalization. Through College Hill Partnership committee, stakeholders work to retain existing commercial business; identify current market strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities; and address those opportunities through expansion of existing business or recruitment of new business to the district.